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jacket made of 100% recycled materials recycles old fishing nets to save the ocean


Patagonia has always been closely related to mountain clothing, but the brand loves nature, not only mountains, but also the ocean.

There are mountains and water. Many of Patagonia's designs are inspired by mountaineering and outdoor activities. On the other hand, the brand is also committed to protecting the ocean. One of the latest improved versions of the classic Down Sweater is made of 100% NetPlus® recycled materials, namely The entire garment is made of recycled fishing nets, which is undoubtedly a revolutionary environmentally friendly green design.

Patagonia has officially cooperated with the environmentally friendly recycled materials organization Bureo many years ago to purchase fishing nets from South American fishermen that are too worn out to be used anymore. They are thoroughly cleaned and then made into NetPlus® plastic pellets, thereby producing high-density and durable recycled NetPlus® material. So far, more than 118 metric tons of discarded old fishing nets have been transformed into designs such as worthy warm jackets and vests, responding to the brand's "Reduce Waste. Wear Recycle" concept with practical actions and wholeheartedly solving the problem of ocean plastic pollution.

In addition to paying attention to environmental protection, the function of Down Sweater is also unquestionable. The durable water-repellent coating technology is completely free of perfluorocarbons (PFC) and has a filling thermal effect of 800-fill goose down. It is 100% made by Responsible Down Standard is certified as traceable high-quality down. I love the earth and animals. From the cutting and color matching to the lightness and convenience, this down jacket has become an indispensable choice in the wardrobe. The temperature suddenly drops on Valentine's Day tomorrow (February 14th), bringing... Bring down feathers close to you to show your grace and attentiveness.

Having said that Patagonia has worked hard to protect the ocean, the clothing in the new trend of vintage clothing also reminds people of the close relationship between the brand and "water".

Patagonia's Retro-X is a classic in the vintage world. Vintage enthusiasts will collect versions of this evergreen Fleece jacket with different colors and logos from different eras. However, in recent years, Japanese people have been searching for Patagonia water sports clothing because of the functionality of the Urban Outdoor craze. Many of the designs are derived from Patagonia’s old styles, such as the popular Daiwa Pier 39 and SSZ Parka with large chest pockets, which are obviously based on Patagonia’s SSZ Jacket, which is designed for fishing.

As for another series launched by the brand for paddling water sports, whether it is the acquisition of professional paddling brand Lotus Designs or its own Patagonia Paddlesports branch, many waterproof clothing have special pockets with mesh zippers, which is a very iconic design. Coupled with the eye-catching color matching, it has also influenced the development of trends in recent years. However, around 2008, Patagonia withdrew from the paddling apparel market, making this series of designs even rarer and more affordable in the second-hand market.